"Directors, Don't Overlook Board Succession Planning"

Agenda - 2014
Peter Browning

"Your Board Does Not Run The Company"

Agenda - 2013
Peter Browning, Will Sparks, Allen Rogers

"Succession Plans of Steel"

Peter Browning

"An Interview with Peter Browning""

C-Suite Insight - Issue 11, 2013
Peter Browning

"How to Deal with a Disruptive Board Member"

Agenda - 2013
Peter Browning Will Sparks

"Picking A New Director: Expert or Board Veteran"

Agenda - May, 2012
Peter Browning

"Women on Boards: A Conversation with Male Directors"

Global Coporate Governance Forum - 2011
Contribution by Peter Browning

"Toughest Question for Boards: Do We Have the Right CEO?"

Agenda - 2010
Peter Browning, Shannon McFayden,and William Sparks

"Leadership in the Corner Office:The Board's Greatest Responsibility and Challenge" Excerpt

"Extraordinary Leadership:Addressing the Gaps in Senior Executive Development" 2010
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Chapter by Peter Browning

"Too Many Boards Struggle With Big Decisions"

Peter Browning and William Sparks

"Good leaders know they don't reach success by themselves"

Charlotte Business Journal - 2007
William Sparks

"The Impact of Cultural Due Diligence on M&A Success"

M&A Advisor - 2006
William Sparks

"Outstanding Director"

Board Alert - 2005
Peter Browning

"Engage Employees to Overcome Resistance to change"

Charlotte Business Journal - 2003
William Sparks

"Are leaders made or born - or both?"

Charlotte Business Journal - 2002
Peter Browning and William Sparks

Peter Browning and Continental White Cap

Harvard Business School Case Study - 1985
Peter Browning